Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 3: Tequila Sunrise - Hold the Tequila

 Our run begins with a temperature in the low 30’s, minimal wind and the sun just starting to lighten up the sky to the east. When we look to the west it is still pitch dark.  Our first 5 mile run starts with a very friendly 8/10th of a mile down hill and finishes with a 4.2 mile steady uphill climb.  The last 1-2/10th of our climb was a punishing incline that started the groups trek up Grandfather Mountain.  Grandfather Mountain is nice to look at but I will never recommend running up that mountain to anybody.  The scenery is beautiful and we hear a lot of interesting noises coming from woods.  Brandi, Brittany and I were able to handle the first leg of this adventure; we will see what the second leg has in store.


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