Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 20: Midnight Rider

Dr. Long and Freshman Aaron Marshall complete the Asheville Entrance leg of the Run for Research. Mostly a downhill run, consisting of some flat portions, and a final uphill with a special surprise. First miles, one through three consisted of a downhill trek with a slight concerning moment of fear, as small rodents and the like decided to make the path of Ashley and Aaron their stage. Throughout the run, the wonderful drivers of Asheville decided that it was their personal duty to increase the runners chances of night blindness by putting on their bright light's as they passed! Surely while the intentions of keeping everyone safe, by the drivers, is all well and good, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the runners eyes need to be gouged out by the brightness of the passing vehicles. Flat portions scattered the course for the runners during mile 4, and leading into the final stretch, until what began as a small bridge turned into the Golden Gate of Asheville, with an uphill climb, it gave the workout that both runners had been slightly dreading the entire trip, but this gave way to a steady flat area, where both runners were again met by a big happy family from the "Party Van!". Although, Finally, a gift from the running gods, PIZZA! Which apparently Buffalo go crazy for!

Go Buffalo!

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