Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 11: Buzzard's Roost

Jeremiah and Jay's second run started off with two miles of nice rolling hills.  However, knowing that the leg had been previously rated as Brutal made us less than optimistic about what lay ahead.  No sooner did Jay utter the words "If we continue to have equal amounts of uphill and downhill, I am fine with that" then the run took a nasty turn for the worse.  The rolling hills gave way to a seemingly endless, winding mountain of a hill that made the hill to Cullowhee International Airport (on Old Savannah Road) seem like child's play.  Two miles and approximately fifty turns later, we crested the mountain to our delight and the amusement of sightseers taking pictures from the scenic overlook.  They stopped their picture taking long enough to snap some shots of the crazy guys running up the god forsaken mountain for some unknown reason.  Look for these snapshots to show up on a Flickr page coming to a computer near you soon.  As we crested the mountain, I was struck by competing images of Jeremiah slowly pulling away from me and three buzzards circling overhead, having clearly identified that the old guy was struggling to keep up.  The final mile was a total tease.  Featuring a glorious 7/10 of a mile downhill run, followed by a short but incredibly miserable 3/10 of a mile uphill to the finish.  Jeremiah beasted the run in a time of 39:55 (sub-8 minute pace!!!), making Jay's respectable time of 41:10 look like he was participating in the Dunder Mifflin Fun Run for a Cure for Rabies.  Our third run promises to be significantly easier than this one, we would be hard pressed to find a hillier leg than this one (or so we thought...see the blog for DL and Aaron's Leg #13). 

~Jay & Jeremiah~

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