Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 13: Total Joint Replacement

Dr. Long and Freshman Aaron Marshall dreaded the run they were about to attempt what they believed was the hardest leg of the Run for Research, as they neared their run, both were quite anxious. Due to road conditions, both runners decided to run single file during the entirety of the run. The road conditions were interesting, consisting of winding hills and steep roads, the elevation changed of around 1300 feet in about 5 miles. A tunnel named "rough ridge", which of course just had to be both rough, and on a ridge (How Original!), was the culmination of the winding portion of the run, basically the first 4 miles of the run. After the tunnel, were two slowly rising straight portions of road. This was by far the hardest part of the run. But after a little joking banter between the two runners, in reference to jokes of:

Oxygen: $500.00
Knee Replacement $25,000.00
Running with your Professor on the Blue Ridge Parkway: Priceless.

"We thought the view was breathtaking, but i didn't know i would need oxygen afterwards"

"Would've never thought my Athletic Training Instructor and i would both be getting total knee replacements at the same time"

Dl: Hey Aaron
Am: Yeah, Dl.
Dl: were still going uphill
Am: Yeah, Dl, weve been doing that for 4.9 miles.
Dl: just wanted to let ya know.

Then afterwards, just to taunt both the runners, a 150 yard downhill run was the final part of the leg.
This Completed the second leg for both the runners. Slightly Delirious. But all together fine.

Go Buffalo!

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