Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Run for Research Wrap-Up

The 2014 version of the Run for Research (our seventh trip up and down the Parkway) ended in the rain in Cullowhee.  A great team effort resulted in another record time this year.  We tackled the hills, fog and rain over the 175 miles between Boone and Cullowhee in an amazing 27 hours 8 minutes and 18 seconds (17 minutes and 31 seconds faster than 2013).  This equated to a 9:18 pace each mile. 

We want to thank everyone for their support along the run and for their donations / pledges to this event.  We will continue accepting donations to the REF through the end of the semester.  We look forward to another great run in 2015!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Leg # 35: Deception

For the last run to finish up Luke and I (aaron) ran from dunkin donuts in sylva to the catamount at the entrance of Western Carolina University. The smells of all the greasy fast food we passed on the run was nauseating. And even though I have driven this countless time, the hills were still a surprise to me. We finished strong and beat the record time.

Leg #28: Temptations

20 miles in and with each leg there is an ever growing temptation to just jump off the next bridge or in front of the next truck. Eating is something I must force myself to do. Never thought I'd say this but I'm so tired of peanut m&ms. The noises grow louder and scarier with each passing mile and the fog is thick as molasses. Luke and I (Aaron) have one more leg to go and it's the last one.

Leg #34: Time to Make the Doughnuts

Matt and my last run finished with a flurry.  Our last five miles started just outside Sylva and ended at the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street in Sylva.  Once again, Jay set the early pace on the downhills for the first three miles and Matt took the lead to the finish at DD.  Matt finished in an impressive 33 minutes with Jay following about 33 seconds behind.  Now, onto the finish.... Our pace is about 15 minutes ahead of last year's record with five miles to go!  


Leg #32: The Run Down

G3 leg 4, mission 5: After fighting through the enemy's best defenses and terrible weather with no sleep, we have prevailed ! The enemy couldn't withstand our forces as we blew threw their obstacles with deadly precision. We took objective in under 40 minutes with every soldier carrying onward on the battlefront. Communication relays were more accurate, allowing a calculated assault ensuring Victory! Mission was a success and we are returning home. Say again, we are returning home! See you soon...
(Greylin, Jackson, Dalton)

Leg #33: Death All Around

Once again Clark ran a sub-40 5 mile and Brooke and Elena came in a few minutes later. During the run we all saw a squished turtle, 3 dead mice, and a dead frog. Plus, at the end of the run, we all felt like death. Thankfully that's our last 5 miles and we can say we all completed it in most of one piece.

Leg #31: A Rainy End

The last 5 miles came up quickly as we were napping in our car until the headlights of the van following the runners before us lit up our mirrors and we jumped out running as we tagged off.

The rain was a consistent event and with a gradual incline for about 2 miles and 3 miles of glorious downhill slopes we set our pace for our finish marker!

The other runners are making their way to WCU campus where we will all be ready to jump out and run into the stadium together around 9:30am. 

It's been fun everybody!

Whittney Correll, Kelcey Holcomb, Jess Thiry, Ruby Floyd 

Leg #30: Running on Empty

So this was Dr. P and my last 5 miles. We gutted it out. We basically had nothing left to give. My calf was still hurt/cramping, and he would get stiff if he stopped. And it started raining AGAIN which made me contemplate life again, but I'm glad we finished it.

Leg #27: Lower Gear

Here we go again!  Matt and I had another monster climb (1,400) feet in five miles.  We enjoyed six-tenths of a mile downhill to begin our run.  Then, we endured a 4.4 mile climb that ended at the top of Mount Pisgah.  Matt was the mountain man again, finishing in 43 minutes.  While Jay ran 46 minutes.  One to go and that will be in daylight!!!


Leg #29: The Finale-Nothing but a little incline

So our last run was rated an easy run; so we mentally prepared ourselves for that type of run. Little did we know we would be running up Mount Everest. This was the most difficult run of the entire R4R for us!  We were physically and mentally drained before we even started and as we ran, the incline became steeper and steeper. Fighting back the tears and yelling at our legs to make them work, we finally completed the 5th and final leg of our run. However, if a tractor trailer happened to be on the parkway during that last run...well you know where we are going with that.

Bo Hartman and Floyd Graber

Leg #26: Crying Rocks

Once again, I (Clark) was able to run ahead again and try to keep some pace to our relay. I was able to finish sub-40 once again and sent Jay and Matt in their way.
The entire time I kept hearing these noises off to the side of the road. I kept kind of jumping and wondering what was happening. I thought for a while I was being followed by a pack of animals but I soon realized that it was just water flowing from the rocks. I'm glad that it was just water and I am glad that I was able to finish quickly. 

1/2 team crippled out 
Unfortunately Brooke and Elena just have no words to describe how bad they are feeling. Hopefully they can finish their last run to the end. 

Other 1/2 out

Leg #25: Down but Not Out

Leg 25, Mission 4, G3
All objectives accomplished and goals reached despite having the wool over our eyes from the start. Intelligence relayed false information of the firepower intensity the enemy possessed and we fell for it.  However courage and resolve for our cause and desire to finish kept us alive and kicking through the mission.  Moral of the story:  Beware the wolf amongst the sheep.
(Jackson, Dalton, Greylin)

Leg #24: For All the Non-Believers

Started uphill and just kept going uphill... for 5 miles, with 5 tunnels involved. Rated this one as a "Nasty Brutal". Fatigue has definitely set in with this group and major tears were shed at the end...

For girls who had never run much in their lives, we have come together and shown that even non- runners can push through with whatever you set your mind too! Turns out, we were the non-believers, unsure if we could do this ourselves.

Blog with you all later, it's nap time for Team Boose of the Caboose....

Leg #23: "Bruhhhh"

Dr. P and I had to run through pitch black darkness for 5 miles. During the run, all I could think about was "Bruhhh, why am I doing this?" "Bruhhhh, this is ridiculous." "Bruhhhh, can I just be in my bed right now". Then my right calf muscle started to cramp/hurt so it made the situation 10x worse. Made it through though.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leg #22: "Hell"

This was a deceptive run to stay the least. The start was a good stroll through the dark. It was by all means scary (unseen things in the woods making noises); but easy nonetheless. The last few miles however, took my mind off of the creepy forestry. Those were the worst hills we've hit all things considered. Such as the dark, sweat, fear, and the anguish. Despite the chill of the night this was the sweatiest of the day.

Bo Hartman and Floyd Graber 

Leg 21; city lights

Started off what looked like was going to be another rough run but turned into a rolling hills flat run thank you sweet baby Jesus! We passed someone coming only in our direction every 30 seconds about and even got some much needed counseling from one driver on how we were going to die. Yeah I'm pretty sure if you payed attention to the walking Christmas trees running down the road there is no real danger thank you and goodnight!

Leg 20: Bridges Over Asheville

Matt and I had a great night run heading into Asheville.  The first three miles were a wonderful mix of downhill and flat.  Then mile three to four featured a series of high bridges over the various highways leading into Asheville.  The uphill was steep but short and gave way to a nice downhill to the finish.  We completed the run in 35 minutes.  It was a really refreshing change after a brutal second leg for us.  Now, we rest and get ready for another huge climb on leg #4.


Leg #19: The HitchHiker

So my name is Clark and I got to run by myself at dark:thirty tonight. Unfortunately my friend Elena is having some issues and decided to run with us. The other unfortunate part is I didn't get to run with Brooke and Elena because I wanted to keep the pace up. 
While on my run I felt like I was flying down the road. I got to one point and saw a creepy hiker guy in the same side of the road as me. I quickly sprinted to the other side of the road to go past him. The vans said they were gonna be at every mile marker for me but I only got to see them at the 1st mile  marker and after that it was all me. I had to jump off of the road a few times because Jay said it was better for us to hop off the road when cars are coming at us rather than hope they move over to not hit us. It was really hard for me to see the mile markers as I was going but I came around a corner and saw lights and knew I was almost done. As I approached the finish I looked down at my watch and saw a time of 36:21. I was so excited because it is a new personal record! I'm now trying to cool down in the van with Matt really close to me after his sweaty run. Oh well! 

So Elena and I (Brooke) were moving along and had no problem till cars started slowing down asking us if we were okay. We said yes hoping they would drive away. All of them did but one. This car goes up maybe half of a mile and pulls off to a side road and sits there. It sounded like the car doors shut as if someone got out and then the car pulled away. So we were like freaked out to pass by, but we did and thankfully nothing happened. Then maybe a mile after that a creepy hiker approaches us with no lights and we about had a heartattack. He had long grey hair and we weren't too sure what to do so we ran little faster past him and didn't look back. Then from there every car we saw pulled off the side of the road we prayed that we were done. That failed like 5 times. So when we were almost done there was fireworks and we took that as a victory for us one finishing and two not dying. All we can say is two more to go...

Leg 18: operation tunnel assault

Group 4 mission 3:
Night has fallen, the omen of the Cliff Bar continues. Our dinner bar said "Start at Sunset" and our mission began precisely at sunset. We flew under the cover of night down Mt. Mitchell to the extraction point 5 miles below. Our injured crew member was hurting a good, more through the downhill but he muscled through. We fought through the waves of enemy's, reaching the bottom in 32:52 with a third leg surge from one member taking command and leading the assault. Overall the mission was a success and no casualties were suffered. 
G3 reporting, over and out 
(Dalton, Greylin, Jackson)

Leg 17: Muricale Run

Jay lies. After scoping out a so called "brutal" run, it ended up being a pleasant downhill glide. 

The smell of rubber was high in the air as Whittney came bolting out of the starting gates. After nearly losing her phone to the mountains, Whittney recovered gracefully with no casualties.

Kelcey took the lead at the 2 mile marker and raced on the last 3 miles. This was a record breaking run for the entire group, as well as individual times! 

Ruby was deemed the real M.V.B. (Most valuable Boose)!!  Jess is hurting pretty badly with her hip flexors and adductors. Hopefully she can make a recovery for our next run around 11:30pm. Certified Athletic Trainers are on it! 

A big win for Team Boose of the Caboose!! 

Kelcey Holcomb, Whittney Correll, Jess Thiry, Ruby Floyd

Leg #16: Sleepy Hollow

Dr. P and I (Cedric) had to run up Mnt. Mitchell through tons of fog. I was scared I was going to see the headless horseman run at me. I started contemplating life again. 

Leg #15: Beauty of the lake

As we ascended up past MT Mitchell it was an uphill climb. From there, we just kept climbing with nothing but a beautiful lake down in the valley to take our minds off of the pain an the agony our legs were feeling. This was the hardest run we have had to this point but lucky we were able to finish with a nice half mile downhill to end our Leg 3 run of the R4R.

Leg 14: Cougar

Just before Elena, Luke and myself (Aaron) encountered a wild cougar. At first the cougar was preying upon some groundhog. But, soon after I caught the cougars eye. The cougar just couldn't resist and began to target me. I barely escaped with my life.

On to the run, it started with a nice 2 mile down hill. Followed by 3 miles straight up. After both Luke and I nearly got taken out by a Buick we both were in a state of "I can't even" but the view on this run were totes perf on the upside. I came in at 44 minute with Luke and then Elena following shortly after. 

Leg #11: Battle for The High Ground

Leg 11, Mission 2
G3 has accomplished Mission 2 all personnel exhausted casualties nonexistent but minimal injury present to Corp. G-Easy.  All soldiers with strong spirits and resolve to accomplish the goal.  The mission was a trap from the beginning with an inviting downhill trail but the enemy was waiting...  A two mile firefight uphill with no end in sight until we battled the enemy to surrender and regrouped.  No guts, No glory.
(Greylin, Jackson, Dalton)
Special thanks to Complete Nutrition and 3PLENISH Electrolyte Replacement!

Leg #12: What the hill?

We started this run thinking it wasn't going to be to bad according to last years runners. They rated this run as average but we were definitely feeling more of a hard rating. Needless to say we started with a 2 mile straight uphill and we were not happy. After the 2 miles uphill, we got a nice mile downhill then nice uphill to finish. So all in all we were not happy. We are definitely hurting and the pain meds are coming out, ice is being applied, and we are elevating in the van. Hopefully we can recover some before the next run. But after dodging cars, falling in ditches, smelling a “skunk” (Clark) and dreading the hills we successfully completed it. 

Team crippled

Leg #13: Low Gear

Matt and my second run was rated as "brutal" and after 4/10 of a mile of downhill, we quickly learned why.  The last 4.6 miles of our run was an incredibly steep, never ending climb.  Matt was a trooper and climbed the mountain without walking at all.  Jay... well not so much.  Rubber legs finally received a small consolation when the last tenth of a mile finally gave the runners a downhill to the finish.  Matt's 44 minute time was a testament to just how steep and long the climb (1,600 feet elevation gain) was on this leg.   Brutal?  Indeed....

Leg 10: Switzerland No Longer Neutral

Leg 10 was a struggle with a cumulative 4 miles uphill and barely 1 mile down hill. 

During that monster we were introduced to a rainstorm and quickly understood the effects of water and moss on asphalt; as well as a parade of Camaro's.

 Whitt displayed her waddle of death as she climbed her way up! 

Switzerland was the name of the area and we were soon shown that it was not a neutral climb for us runners, as we lost one to the the battle, stay positive Ruby!

Kelcey Holcomb, Whittney Correll, Jess Thiry, Ruby Floyd 

Leg #9: Rainy Days

Cedric back again to share my experience. Dr. P and I's 2nd 5 mile run wasn't to bad until we got 2 and a half miles into it and it started pouring down raining. That rain had me so hurt l. Despite the rain I finished in 43 min and Dr. P in 46 min. #Run4Research ����

Leg #8 "Ignorance"

As Cedric wishes us good luck we began our journey uphill. It was a treacherous road until mile marker 2 where a slight downhill began. We ran a record pace with Jill manners as our special guest. It's "ignorance" Cedric says as he ran up the valley we had just run down. 

Leg 7: S.O.B. (shortness of breath)

For Aaron and Luke, the run didn't prove to be too impossible, but for me (Elena), it was pretty much the worst run ever. First half of the run, I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad I had to run off into the woods somewhere. While I was in the woods, I walked into someone else's poop.... Great. After venturing my way out of the woods, I found Luke looking for me. Then started the 2 mile incline that just kept getting worse and worse. Aaron ran on ahead to tag on the next people and Luke stayed with me who was practically dying. When we say shortness of breath, we mean it. I. Couldn't. Breathe. It was a little scary. But we worked as a team: Aaron ran up ahead to keep our time down and Luke stayed with me to make sure I didn't die.  Let's go Purp Sqaud!!

Leg #6: Old Lady Beattrice

Matt and I had a nice rolling up and down hill to start our run.  After about two miles of trading pace-setting duties, Matt leading the uphills and Jay taking the downhills, the run flattened out.  Miles four and five were mostly downhill, making for a fast, easy run.  We cruised to the finish in 33 minutes before giving way to Aaron, Luke and Elena and Leg #7.  

Leg #5: Fart Trot

The previous rating for our run is average. 

What started out as a flat/downhill turned into a little bit of rolling hills. It almost felt like we were running down the yellow brick road other then the road wasn't yellow, the leaves on the trees were. Then as soon as it got quiet, no cars, nobody in site, and a great view of grandfather mountain we started to feel what we ate before the run begin to shift downwards.. Therefore, it wasn't so quiet  anymore... It was then a fart trot. As gross as it may sound it was probably the only motivating thing that got us closer to the end because we were just laughing the rest of the way. 

Sussessful first run! 

-Brooke and Clark (Team Crippled)

Leg 3: Moove it, Moove it!

As group 3, better known as the "Boose of the Caboose", started our first leg out strong and together, Jess plowed ahead, while the rest kept a nice pace and started looking around at the changing colors; Kelcey suddenly noticed some friendly cows and wanting to practice her new skills, she started "yoohoo"-ing to them. Surprisingly all of the cows looked up in unison! 

Soon, this happy run turned into a game of dipping and dodging more vigorous drivers. 

As we were nearing our fifth mile, the group's confidence in the run turned into a struggle as the last mile was a less kind incline, but we all surged through, finishing strong with our hands in the air! 

Leg #4: Mission 1: Sierra. Oscar. Bravo

G3 just finished leg 4 , mission 1.  Mission was a success and all goals were achieved. Beginning with a 2.5 mile incline, the mission was off to a rough start. But have no doubt, the unit pulled through and battled our way across the treacherous war front! We spotted the enemy early, the viaduct. We carefully planned our strategy and executed it with extreme precision. From the Viaduct, we ran a reconassaiance mission on the valley below , thoroughly enjoying the view! 4 more missions until victory !  Special thanks to Complete Nutrition Tactical Division for support on our missions!
(Greylin, Jackson, Dalton)  


Eating some cookies thanks to Mikki, Baldwin, and Katherine. Thanks guys we love you!!! ❤️

Leg #1: Alfredo Run

Where to begin no place other than app states football stadium. Our run took us through Boone into the outskirts of town an up to optical illusions. This run was one of the easiest runs we have ever ran an only had an uphill climb the last 2 miles. All was well until mile 3 when lasts nights Alfredo started to run on its own. Luckily it got tired pretty quickly and Bo was okay. 

View at the end of Leg #3

Leg three is finishing up....the views along the parkway are amazing!

Leg #2: The Transition.

This is Cedric Wilkerson (sophomore runner). Dr. P and I made "The Transition" from darkness to light getting on the parkway. I started off pretty fast, but I got 4 and a half miles in and saw a big fox run across the road. No lie I about peed my shorts for real. I was really contemplating life at that point. Dr. P and I both finished strong though. 

The Start

The 7th Annual R4R is underway.  Official start time is 6:11 am.  Bo Hartman & Floyd Graber are kicking off this year's run.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Six hours until the run

We are getting ready to roll with tomorrow's Run for Research!  We are spending the night about 40 minutes outside of Boone tonight..... No rooms available due to an ASU home game Saturday.  So, the plan is a 5 am departure for Boone with a 6 am start to this year's R4R.  This is my seventh R4R event and I still get as excited as ever watching all of our students' preparation and hard work pay off.
It is so rewarding to see them accomplish something few of them would have thought was possible just a couple months ago.  So, wish us luck and please follow us on the blog during the run.  I am sure it will be entertaining along the way.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Run for Research 2014

We are gearing up for our 7th annual Run for Research event on October 11 and 12, 2014.  This year we travel from Boone to Cullowhee (175 miles) along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. 

This year's running group features 18  participants.  They include:  Professor Jay Scifers (7th R4R), Preceptor Dr. Randy Provost (2nd R4R), Juniors Bo Hartman (1st R4R), Kelcey Holcomb (1st R4R), Whittney Correll (1st R4R) and Matt Wronsky (2nd R4R), Sophomores Floyd Graber (1st R4R), Cedric Wilkerson (1st R4R), Greylin Cleary (2nd R4R), Dalton Greer (2nd R4R), Jackson Roper (1st R4R), Brooke Donaker (1st R4R), Clark Edwards (2nd R4R), Aaron Krofchik (1st R4R), Luke MIller (2nd R4R) and Elena D'Argenio (2nd R4R).  In addition, this year's group of runner features two alumni from the Class of 2012; Ruby Floyd and Jessica Thiry (both 1st R4R) have accepted the challenge to join us! 

With eight returning runners and an excellent two months of training, this group is poised to break last year's record time of 27 hours 25 minutes and 49 seconds.  Please follow us along the way and provide comments of encouragement as we make our way along the Parkway!