Sunday, October 11, 2015

Leg #32 - The Viaduct in the Dark

Jacob and Jay's final leg was full of surprises.  The first was a run across the viaduct (arguably the Parkway's most scenic view) that had us anticipating an amazing sunrise.  Unfortunately, we ran too fast as a team and, as a result, we emded up running the viaduct in the dark.  Fortunately, as we finished the run, the sun was coming up and gave us one incredible treat.  The second surprise, the  one we weren't excited about, was that the miles are mismarked, making our run 5.6 miles in length.  After all the anticipation, we struggled / waddled home in 45 minutes for just over an 8 minute pace.  This was a great eighth R4R for me.  Having Jacob as a running partner was a great experience and one I will always treasure.

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