Saturday, October 10, 2015

Leg #4- Rookie Mistake / A Little Extra For R.T. Floyd

Jacob Scifers and Jay Scifers took on Leg #4 in a steady rain and brought the R4R on to the Parkway.  The Parkway has a funny way of telling you that no matter what shape you are in, you should have run more hills in preparation.  This five (plus) miles could be the poster child for the "run more hills" motto.  We climbed 1535 feet in just over 5 miles (more about that in a second).  It was a rude welcome to Jacob in his first R4R.  But, then again, the Parkway can be a rude host to even the most seasoned runners.  

The leg ended up being about 5.6 miles.  Rookie drivers had trouble navigating the distance in he absence of a mile marker, leaving us to run a little extra.  We kept a good pace, but lost our sense of humor the last part of the run, running just under 44 minutes for the hilly leg.  

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