Saturday, October 10, 2015

Squeezin' Cheeks (Shout Out To Ruth)

As we drove through a curtain of rain up Balsam Mountain towards the next checkpoint to wait on the second leg of runners, two of our group members,
Danny and Jason were relieved to know that they would be able to use the restroom at The Mountain County Store so they wouldn't have to (as they put) "squeeze cheeks" on the parkway where there are no bathrooms (except trees) for over 70 miles. To their dismay, the Mountain Country Store was closed.
However, there was a modest brick home behind the gas station with a resident by the name of do we know this?
Well, Danny and Jason proceeded to go knock on her door and say, "Hi we are from the Western Carolina Athletic Training Program and we are running from Cullowhee to Boone. We thought we could use the bathroom at the gas station but it's closed. May we use your restroom...? Because after this, there aren't any other places to go." Hesitantly Ruth allowed them to use her restroom and told them about her children and grandchildren. Thank you, Ruth, for allowing two young men into your home. We may be running 25 miles, but you are the real MVP. 

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