Saturday, October 10, 2015

Leg #3 - Bridge Out!

Mike, Floyd and I (Sarah) started our first leg at The (closed) Mountain View gas station. We started out at a nice pace and Mike swiftly took the lead (even though he's slow). We passed some lovely scenery, including mountains tucked amongst foggy rain, bursts of fall-colored leaves, and a couple bloated dead frogs. About two miles in, we got to a bridge that is under construction......

I (Mike) decided to run right up to where the bridge was out. I was forced to take an alternate route which consisted of backtracking on a small path with many muddy puddles. I should have taken a leap off the bridge while I had the chance because the next 3 miles were uphill! 

.......We ended up running along the side of the bridge on about a foot of concrete with no railing that dropped off into a river.. But we all survived and lived to make it up a solid uphill finish. Go team. On to the next one.

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