Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Run For Research (R4R) Wrap-Up

This year's event was our first with significant rain.  Last year's run had a few legs where the skies opened up, but it was nothing like this year.  This weekend's run to Boone was wet and wild right from the start.  We departed from Cullowhee in the rain and battled the elements for at least the first 25 legs of the run.  This year's event included a near-disaster run-in with a tree, but otherwise was fairly injury-free.  I believe this was the first event in several years where every participant completed all five legs of their run without a single injury-related withdrawal.  As predicted, this year's team of runners was the fastest ever on the Parkway, by far!  Our finishing time was an incredible 25 hours 17 minutes and 2 seconds.  This crushed the 2013 Cullowhee to Boone record of 27:25:49 by over two hours.  It also bested the 2014 all-time fastest R4R time of 27:08:18.  If this is the event's swansong, which I hope it is not, it was certainly a great way to finish!  Thanks everyone for your continued support of the R4R and the WCU Athletic Training Program.


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