Sunday, October 11, 2015

Whee Rise, Whee Shine, Whee Run Together

Whee did it. Today after 8 weeks of training, we ran the 25 miles. Through the rain, 
through the fog, through the heavy breathing, through the sweat, through the creepy animal sounds in the dark, through the night, 
through the beautiful scenic parkway, 

We did it. We ran. We conquered.
The best part, is we finished with arms linked high above our heads as we tagged off our last team. 

This is our team. This is our A.T family. This is what bonding looks like. 

Thank you to everyone who supported, encouraged, and motivated us along the way. But most importantly, thank you Jay and Jill for making this run possible and for being so dedicated to this program and your students! 

We are going to miss you Jay...a lot. 
-Erin, Jason, Danny

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Danny for an amazing post! Your sentiments about the R4R are exactly what it was designed to do....challenge you physically and mentally to overcome. Not just overcome the Parkway or the 25 miles, but overcome your fears and doubts about yourself ad your abilities. We are a family and this is the ultimate bonding experience. I am proud of you and your teammates. You are part of a very exclusive club of R4R of 2015, only 77 different runners have accepted the challenge.