Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 10: Dangerous Incline

  Our second leg of the trip got the best of us.  We started out slow and steady hoping to conquer the steep incline we know is ahead of us.  The first 2 miles were tough and we were able to maintain our jog for the most part.  As the road became curvier our run became more dangerous.  There were many blind curves where cars appeared to be heading straight for us.  Often times we had to jump to our left to avoid the head on collision.  On a separate occasion as we were jogging through a tunnel a truck was heading directly for us and we had nowhere to go, luckily he adjusted and corrected approximately 30 yards from us.  We were unable to keep our pace up the incline and had to break down and walk.  We are still out here battling the elements and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  At this time the aches and pains of this project are starting to knock on the door.  We will see if we can answer the bell for our third leg.  We all would like to extend a special Thank You to Dr. Garbarino for donating to our cause.


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