Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 4: Viaduct Views

Jeremiah and Jay started leg four with a steady two mile uphill that was a little rough (given that we had just stepped out of the van about 60 seconds before our run started).  The first two miles dragged and were a little discouraging considering that we thought we had covered a much longer distance as we crested the last portion of the never-ending climb.  The sun was just coming over the mountains as we completed the first ascent toward the famous Blue Ridge Parkway Viaduct.  Mile three was uneventful and fairly flat.  Then another long climb from mile three to four before entering the Viaduct.  The views were incredible with the fall colors exploding in the distant valley to our left and the bald rock face blocking the sunrise to our right.  We dashed past the "Pedestrians are NOT Permitted on the Viaduct" sign and picked up the pace across the last flat mile of our run.  Our pace was good (given the challenging climbs) and we completed the run in 40:36.  This was probably the prettiest of all of my legs of the three R4R.  Jeremiah did a nice job so far drawing the fourth position in the relay.  However, Leg 11 promises to be challenging with many steep climbs as we tackle Mt. Mitchell.  I may not think his draw of the fourth position was so great in a few hours.


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