Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 6: Candy Mountain, Charlie?

Leg 6, a relatively easy run for Dr. Long, and Freshman Aaron Marshall. Beginning with a short series of downhills, with sharp turns, for the first two miles or so. This was followed by relatively simple running, consisting of flat ground and even turns, for it being the infamous Blue Ridge Parkway. Within this stretch, most of the parkway was lined with beautiful pine trees, and the road was covered with recently turned leaved that left both runners with spectacular views to reminisce about during the final jaunt. Mile four came soon, and with that was the realization by both of the runners, that soon they would be finished, and a mild euphoria engulfed both of them. Within the last quarter mile, the spectacular views of tree lined byways opened into a beautiful pasture tucked away within a soft rolling valley. At this time, both runners instantaneously viewed a group of wild soft white horses, resembling that of two Unicorns. Both Dr. Long, and Aaron looked at each other, and immediately shouted "Candy Mountain, Charlie", in reference to a video shown at the Haunted Moore Hall Event, by one Jonathan Scifers. These laughs gave both runners that final boost, to complete their first five mile run before their goal.

this is a link to the "inspirational" video. Candy Mountain Charlie.

Go Buffalo!

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