Sunday, October 31, 2010

The herd returns....

...We can barely get in and out of the van, muscles are screaming at us to stop moving...a decent meal hasn't been eaten in over thirty hours, the comfort of the cabin seems like a dream to us right now and toilet paper seems like gold to us. We started this journey in the dark, knowing what was ahead of us, finishing in the sun looking back at how far we had come. Our team shirts are on as we begin the last steps of this run. The students led us in the last mile as this was for them in hopes that they gain help with school if needed or enhanced our profession through research, however this run meant so much more. This group of people, some previous runners, some not having ever run over a few miles before, started over two months ago meeting early in the morning to train, not wanting to drag ourselves out of bed time and time again but we did. We have brought each other to this point and we can always share this experience, much different than the previous runs but just as amazing. I just want to thank each runner for what they dedicated themselves to and for each supporter who were there for us through it all. Another successful Mountain Jug Run...we will see you next year Blue Ridge Parkway as we yet again will leave just a trail of sweat over the mountains of western north carolina....traveling single file of course.....-Emily

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