Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leg 19: Which way is up?

Pitch. Black. Dark. Weather? Warmer than expected. Detour? Of course. It always happens to Kayla, Alessa, and Sarah. No Crazy Lady this time; their best guess was some crazy chain smoker.

It was so dark the girls couldn't see very far in front of them. Were they running uphill, downhill, or flat? Was there a bear or a mountain cat (catamount ;) ) slinking through the woods waiting to eat their faces off?

Sarah, their knight in shining armor (who was disguised as Super Woman), began to sing them all a beautiful song in an overly obnoxious voice. "TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR!"

"Sarah, seriously? You're killin' me," said Kayla, "We aren't going to get attacked by bears. And even if we do, you weigh like two pounds. Bears want to eat people who have meat on their bones."

"Yea," Alessa said, "And you only have to outrun the slowest person, and you run faster than both of us."

Soon, there was one mile to go. The girls were rounding a turn when they saw flashing lights. There was a fire on the parkway?!?!?!  Granted it was pretty small and was on the side of the road. It was probably caused by a chain smoker throwing a cigarette butt out the window. The girls had to jump back in the van and be transported half a mile down the road on the other side of the emergency vehicles where they finished their run.

Jess and Ruby, the girls who were following the vans, had driven into Asheville to pick up food to help raise the slowly decreasing morale. They were driving along the parkway when they saw the flashing lights. No one had called to tell them about the fire so they immediately thought it was one of the runners in trouble. Emotions jumped and blood drained but thankfully it was a false alarm. The girls have done a lot for the runners the past couple days and they are appreciated.

***Shout outs from the girls***
To all our Family: You are the best! Thanks for supporting us on this endeavor.  A special thanks to Sarah's dad for being our paparazzi. :)
To the Fanfare that BETTER be at the WCU stadium to welcome us back: We will never be happier to see you or the 'Whee.
To AT students: Thank you. You better be enjoying your sleep this weekend because we would do anything to have our own bed (instead of half of a van seat).
To all those who donated and supported this run: Thank you so much! None of this could happen without you!

To Kimberly Waddell (Kayla's roommate): Thank you for dealing with my very obnoxious alarm clock at 5:30 am. AND for hopefully having my weight in food prepared for me when I return. I LOVE YOU!

Boyfriends: (David Beckham ;), Ben and Chas)

Friends: (Liz Carter, Josie Wood, Anatasia Teel, Leslie Weiner, Liz Blackmon, Kelsey Allen, and anyone else we forgot. WE LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

To Laura Wright: I'm sure you can tell which blog is mine ;) You are one of the best professors ever!

Also, TO US: for being buffalo and keeping it under 9 minute miles. YOU KNOW!

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