Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leg 21: The divine light

I absolutely love running at night.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until now. 

As I warmed up for my third leg I felt really good.  I knew from the scouting report that this run was not going to include any treacherous climbs.  It's amazing how fast your legs can move when you aren't trying to run up a 7% grade!  I was so pumped, I felt so fast and strong. 

In addition to a sweet-ass reflective vest, I was given a little light to wear on my head.  The way the light was angled it created this aura which encircled my head and reminded me of the light of divinity that you would see in pictures of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

Despite my 'beasting' of this leg I noticed a considerable amount of soreness starting to creep in to my left hip and my arch nemesis, my right patellar tendon, also began giving me trouble. 

I should be icing but like many athletic trainers I don't tend to follow what I preach to athletes. 

Machines don't need to ice.

-Mitzel Inc.

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