Friday, October 7, 2011

The Maiden Run

We started the Mountain Jug Run off with a truculent attitude. I would like to credit this to the awesome crowd (and my performance shorts) we had to officially "see us off" to our journey to ASU. Wes and I had a nice little epinephrine rush at the beginning until we got to highway 107. The professional photographer was great at his job and continued to stalk us down Catamount Gap. 
As our run continued, we realized that we were neither acclimated or acclimatized for the steamy weather. Oddly enough, we were honked, whistled, and yelled at fairly often during the run. This may have been secondary to the performance shorts. I think half of these people were elderly ladies....
This gave us our idea to name the first leg "HOT!!!!! Ass Cougar Tail."

Wes and Josh OUT

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