Friday, October 7, 2011

Leg 8: Death Tunnel

LEG 8: Death Tunnel

Josh: As Jay sped towards us, I coulda sworn I heard gears in his legs changing. Jay, it’s an unfair advantage to be a machine. He also never eats while he runs. This reinforces my hypothesis that when we were filling up gas, he put the nozzle in his mouth and not in the van. We began our descent downhill for a good 2ish miles, which was very painful from the eccentric loading (not really, it was smooth like butter).  After the descent, we started uphill for a good mile and went through this tunnel. Then it was black. I look to my left, nothing. I looked to my right, nothing. I looked behind me; Wesley was being eaten by one of those creatures from the movie “The Descent”. Blood squirted on my eyes and I was blinded. Suddenly, my massive 15” biceps were bitten off by one of these bastards. I judo threw “The Descent” monster off of my back, grabbed Wesley, threw him over my back, and bounced out if that ish. With a ruptured distal biceps tendon and a nonexistent biceps brachii, my stride faltered. I pushed through it with my sweet VMO’s and Wesley ran it out even though he had dismembered organs and a nonexistent iliopsoas (They always go for that area, a peer reviewed journal hasn’t proved why yet). We finally made it to the van and drank some gatorjuice and chocolate milk and called it a fairly productive run.

Wes: The last mile felt like three as hoping turn after turn there would be the van, but tragically I was always disappointed. The scariest part of the run was going through the Devils Courthouse, the name itself still haunts my soul today……

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