Saturday, October 8, 2011

Leg 22: Manergy

Josh’s R4R SAT prep analogies:
Manergy: raccoons.
Rawberry: Rain Berry.
Gratuitous amounts of energy: Gratuitous amounts of lactic acid.
Mother Nature said slooow down: Mother Nature called.
Kenyans: White people.
Kenyans: White people.
Kenyans: White people.

It was a pleasant slight decline for about two miles, which was abruptly interrupted by a steady hill that progressed for the rest of the run. I don’t really remember what mile it started cause I couldn’t see it past an enormous cramp in my side. As we progressed, I realized that a small flood parasite from Halo 2 had latched onto my right side. I thought nothing of the dark brown, green gooey, nasty little thing and kept going up the hill (nothing compared to Alessa’s hill, she is a beast!). By about mile 4, the parasite had spread its tentacles to the rest of my body and I was no longer human. I ate Wesley and used his fresh flesh for energy, and ran the final mile at a 3 minute pace. I then got a big DQ from breaking the WR for using banned substances and a parasite for an unfair advantage…

Wes: I would like to first start off by saying that after that run, I feel like my legs are made of lead. That was the hardest run so far. I was tricked in saying by Jay telling me, “oh, you got the easy run, it’s all down hill.” Little did I know that he was lying like a fat lying about not eating all of the cookies. The first two miles was all down hill, but the rest of the three was ALL UP HILL!!!!! I felt like that hill swallowed me whole and spit me out at the finish line. All I got to say is dang, I’m so glad that run is over with.    

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