Saturday, October 8, 2011

Leg 13: "I'm Running Late and I Don't Need an Excuse, I'm Wearing My Brand New Shoes"

Sarah: Well, this isn't exactly surprising, but we started out in not the best of moods. Haha. We slept for all of two seconds (okay like twenty minutes) and it wasn't enough. Soo we weren't thrilled to be starting this second leg of ours. BUT it was fantastic cause that shiz was 4.5 miles downhill. Holla. First of all, shout out to KELLY because she's awesome. Our lovely support van drove up beside us blaring "New Shoes" and Kelly was singing to us. Definitely put us in a good mood.
We saw a skunk! My first real life spotting! We thought it was a cub at first and were like.. Uhmm excuse me? then we thought it was a turkey, which would've been okay. But then we saw it was definitely a skunk, which wasn't something I was ready to get involved with.. so I crossed the street. We went through two tunnels. The first was super loud because the wind was blowing. The second was super creepy because it was dead silent. Oh gez when the wind blows leaves across the road it totally sounds like someone is running right at you. Not okay. Running at night is definitely a mind game. Over all good run. We're breaking out the costumes in a bit. We're just ready to sleep right now.
And to whoever is actually up reading these as we post them, you're the bomb.

Kayla: Everything that Sarah said. this leg was 10 minutes faster than the first. That's pretty obvious since our first leg was basically uphill and the second was  all downhill. Downhill runs are my jam. Also, I really enjoy running at night. You could see the stars really well and the moon was UBER bright and it was really cool. Seeing the skunk was pretty scary because it turned to spray us with with nastiness. I would've died. Overall, the run was great. And I just want to go take a nap!

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