Friday, October 7, 2011

Leg 6: Shady Scenery

Kayla: Our first leg was a lovely little climb to the highest point in the Blue Ridge Parkway. And by little, we mean ridiculous.  Luckily nature decided to give us a couple of breaks from the constant uphill battle.  One section was about a mile and a half uphill and it was pretty brutal. We definitely weren’t very happy while we ran up it.  We just decided to only look a few feet in front of us so it wouldn’t be as bad. Surprisingly, it helped.  A huge RV also almost flattened us, and that was pretty scary. 
The views on this run were absolutely PHENOMENAL! Being able to look down into the valleys from the overlooks was amazing. All the leaves are changing and it is absolutely breathtaking.
As we reached the highest point, everyone was taking a group photo.  We still had about a mile and a half left to run, but we decided to hop into the photo anyways. We really wanted a photo of our own, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, we finished our run and ate about 5 pounds of food.  This first run was supposed to be our most difficult run, so hopefully that’s true and we can just jam out for the other 20 miles.

Sarah: Why do big vehicles always want to run me over? This stupid RV almost killed us but we jumped off the road to not die. But anyways. We had some really pretty views! The sides of the road sloped down and we could see all the ranges and such. We had this one uphill mile and a half that was awesome. Wait, no it wasn’t. But it was to the highest point on the parkway. Which is kind of cool to claim. So we got to the highest point and everyone was out of the cars by the big sign taking a group picture (minus us) so we stopped and jumped in one as we went past. BUT I really wanted one of my own.. Hopefully [that person] will post that picture?? So we ate a whole bunch when we finished. Kayla did some driving. I’m still waiting for the opportune moment to get outside (even though it’s cold now..) to eat my tuna. I’m being nice. You’re welcome Jay’s van. Duces.

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