Saturday, October 8, 2011

Leg #28: Elevation

My fourth run was taking off at noonish on Saturday. I called ahead to the lead van to get a scouting report of my run. The report back was not very promising. DL called the run "mountain goat hard" and informed me that it was uphill the entire five miles. That news mentally defeated me before I even started the run. After taking the "hand-off" from Sarah, I covered the first mile in 8 minutes and the second mile in 9 minutes. As reported, the run was mountain goat hard. By the time I hit the two mike mark, my quads were spent and my calves were cramping. Miles three and four became a walk / jog (it might be a soft "j"...."yog"...I am not sure). At any rate, miles 3 and 4 were miserable. Finally, when I reached the four mile mark, I realized that the last mile was actually downhill. I managed to cover the last mile in about 8 minutes. This is my 4th R4R and my 19th leg completed. None of my previous runs can even come close to the difficulty of this leg. My final time was 52:04! A far cry from my previous sub-40 runs. One more run to go... the final leg to ASU. At least I know that one is flat.


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