Saturday, October 8, 2011

Leg #14: Bridges & Brake Lights

My second run started with a wonderful downhill. The weather was perfect....55 degrees and calm. Could not ask for better conditions to run. I managed to stay under control this run and paced myself much better. After a glorious 1.5 miles downhill, the Parkway again rose up and presented a long, gradual, 3.5 mile climb. The positive was that the darkness of midnight masked the length and incline of the hill, so I just kept chugging along toward the top oblivious to exactly what lay ahead. As I ran past AVL, crossing two bridges, one over the French Broad and another over a highway, I tried to enjoy the view of brake lights hundreds of feet below but my fear of heights quickly focused me back on the task at hand.... Finishing the run. I moved past AVL and finished one last climb to the finish. Although I felt like I was running much slower on run #2, my time was almost as fast at 36:30.


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