Friday, October 11, 2013

Leg 4: The Turkey Trot

"Pick a card, any card" said Jay, and Jennie picks a 4. BRUTAL! Jill attempts to barter with other groups, sandwiches for a better run....needless to say there were no takers. So we started off our day with 2 miles of rolling hills followed by a 1000 foot climb over the last 3 miles. Really? A 5k. Uphill? But we get to be first on the parkway. Fast guys got us here. Now we plod up. Awesome scenery.  Amazing view above the clouds.  Just don't walk.
All said and done, could have been worse.  Jay said to give him 50 minutes.....gave him 49!  Feeling pretty prepared this year!   Catamounts on the run-  running like Buffalo!  1 down,4 to go!
Jennie, Dr. P and Jill

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