Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mountain Jug Run 2013

Well, here we go again.... it is October 2013 and we have been training for more than two months for the 6th Annual Mountain Jug Run for Research.  We have another great group of runners this year, 18 of us in total.

The group includes faculty members, Jay Scifers (6th R4R), Jill Manners (5th R4R) and Rob Dingle (3rd R4R),  Clinical Preceptor, Dr. Randy Provost (1st R4R) & Graduate Assistant, Josh Edwards (2nd R4R). 

Students involved in this year's run include juniors, Daniel Carr (2nd R4R), Andrew Godinez (2nd), Zack Hartman (1st) & Dylan Rubinic (1st).  Sophomores students include Jennie Longo (2nd), Christine Poole (2nd), Wilson Thao (1st) & Matthew Wronsky (1st).  Freshmen participants (all 1st timers) include Greylin Cleary, Dalton Greer, Elena D’Argenio, Luke Miller and Clark Edwards.

This is the most experience group of runners we have ever had.....and also the fastest.  The group is aiming to be the first to break the 29-hour barrier on the 175-mile trek.  We depart in nine hours (6:30 am) from the campus of WCU and hope to arrive at the football stadium in Boone before 11:30 am Saturday morning. 

You can follow our adventures (leg-by-leg) the entire way to Boone right here! 

In the meantime,  please read about our adventure in the articles below....

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