Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leg 20 and 27: Battered but Not Beaten

     Elena and I are beginning to feel the real effects of this run. Both of us are exhausted, I'm hungry, the right side of her body is dying, and we just want to finish. We have had our ups and downs which includes the rolled ankles and the shin splints, as well as easy downhill legs, so we have been pushing through with pretty good attitudes. 
     We missed the previous post about the run because we got in the van and were out like a light. We got to run with Andrew because he decided to make up for missing his first leg by running ten miles straight. I thought he was being ridiculous, but I wasn't going to stop him. He kept us going through this run while reminding us, every so often, that the last mile was a steepish hill. We got through the run without any major hitches and were able to tag the next group on. 
     On our most previous run we saw an animal really early in our run that was about cat size but we couldn't tell what it was. It kind if freaked us out and we were hoping the van would hurry up and get behind us.  We also saw a tiny little mouse scurry across the road, which didn't scare us too much. All I could really think about though, is the brightness of the stars. I kept wondering why they weren't as bright in Charlotte, where I'm from, but I remembered we have a lot more light to deal with in Charlotte. 
     Anyway, it is nap time in our van and I'm pretty tired. Sorry about the missed post but this one is long enough to make up for it. 
     Oh and the service Is terrible. 
-Clark and Elena

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