Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leg 31: What's the Point Spread for Today's WCU Game?

Matt and I hobbled back onto the Parkway for our final leg of the 2013 R4R.  We weren't quite sure what lay ahead..... Other than more darkness.  By now the R4R team was on pace to run 28 hours, meaning our anticipated daylight run would instead be run in the pre-dawn darkness of 6 am.  So we trudged on an up and down and some more up 5 mile jaunt.  

Just as we approached the two mile marker, we heard a BIG rustling in the woods.  Big as in a bear or coyote that is.  Matt decided right then to do his best Usain Bolt impression and off he went into the darkness.  I calmly suggested that, instead of sprinting...which my legs clearly were not going to buy into, we just talk really loud to scare off whatever was in the woods watching us.  Without missing a beat, Matt started quizzing me about the spread of today's WCU vs. Auburn football game (it is Auburn -40 in case you care.... Thanks ESPN app)!

Well, I don't know if that did the trick or not but at least a mile of our run was spent making idle chatter about football.  Once we hit the three mile mark, the noises subsided and we were able to return to complaining about our aching legs.  

This last leg was not too bad.  Lots of rolling hills that led to our finish and the glorious reality that we had both survived the 2013 R4R.... Matt's first and Jay's sixth.  

~Jay & Matt 

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