Friday, October 11, 2013

Leg 5B: What the Hill?

Christine landed successfully, I think she was a ninja prior to her most recent training operations. However, my ipod headphones cord entangled my hand, which compromised my rolling arm to a chicken wingesque technique, and my head touched down with a firm kiss on the rough road. "Shaken, not stirred," or so the spys on the big screen said, with completely different meanings. They had it easy, and got kisses by ladies. Spies of today get kissed by immovable assphault. This was merely the begining, all I have to go is up.

Objectively speaking, our recon mission was 80% successful. We made it to the end of mile 4 before the incident. This meant we knew what to expect, the first three miles were all uphill at a 7-10% incline. The fourth mile was a 0-2% decline. We knew exactly what we had got ourselves into, or at least we had thought. 

After the predicted journey, we finally made it to the site of the incident. There were shards of glass and  mirror on the ground from the wreckage, tire marks, and mist from close cloud sent chills up my spine. We were blind from what was ahead, but what happened next took us completely by surprise, even with our training. 

Our noses slapped a wall, that was covered in spider webs, and we stopped in our tracks. We could not go any further, and we had just made it to the marker that said we had one mile left. It wasn't a mountain, it was a wall, which was at an estimated 90-100% incline. We considered jumping off of the side to our left, or climbing the seemingly insurmountable obstacle using the spider webs. We, of course, chose the latter. Christine is a ninja, as we know, so it came naturally for her. With myself, it was more challenging, but we kept fighting the good fight, and overcame adversity. We finally finished and tagged to the next team, with our spidey-ninja senses intact. 

Christine and Josh (nicknames TBA)

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