Friday, October 11, 2013

Leg 13: Dark tunnels, Dementors and Twisted Ankles

Clark and I started off at a pretty fast pace. We were lovin the downhills. A tunnel was coming up and Clark and I were pretty excited about having a tunnel... Little did we know how terrible that tunnel would be. 

In the tunnel, after all the cars passed us, it was pitch black and we couldn't see a thing. The whole atmosphere reminded me of a scene from a Harry Potter movie where the Dementors swooped out and attacked. While thinking about this and dreading the Dementors, Clark just let's out a yell for fun. I swear I jumped 15 ft in the air. I thought he was a Dementor who was about to attack me. 

A few moments later a car is coming and I move more to the side of the road to make room. I fall off the road into the gravel and twist both my ankles. I reach for the wall but miss it and catch myself on the gravel. Clark swears he twisted his ankle too. Everyone always says "don't go towards the light", but Clark and I definitely booked it to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The rest of the run was painful but not too bad. I swear Clark has a 6th sense that tells him when cars are coming which definitely saved us quite a few times. Our time was around 38 minutes, so pretty fast, but we're both glad it's over. 
-Clark and Elena. 

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  1. Awesome job! Seem to be on great pace! Clark gets his good senses from his Dad! Lol