Friday, October 12, 2012

Leg 7: The Sixth Mile

Leg seven could not arrive quickly enough! After more than five hours of riding in the car and watching all the other R4R participants complete their first legs of the run, Dan and Jay were ready to hit the road. The run started out benign enough with some long downhills and some subtle climbs. Then just before mile three, the road turned ugly. A long climb of more than a mile gave way to a teasingly brief downhill that gave no hint of the hell that lay ahead. From mile 3.5 to the end of the run, the runners wound their way up a monstrous, seemingly unending mountain. Each turn held a promise of some relief, in the form of a flat or downhill patch. Yet, all that greeted the runners at each turn was another steep ascent and another winding turn. In the end, the final mile seemed to last forever.... Or as Dan stated, "the last mile felt like two miles!". Thus the name of this leg.....the sixth mile. The bad news for these two is that Leg 14 promises to be even more treacherous. Thank you R4R!

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