Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leg 35: Toe Nails are for Sissies

Rarely does the road sign for Sylva or the site of Subway, Walmart or Pizza Hut evoke such positive emotions. It is wonderful to be back in familiar territory. Not even the climb up Catamount Gap can dampen our spirits. The 2012 Run for Research is in the books. Total running time 29 hours, nine minutes and seventeen seconds.

All nineteen who departed from ASU at 5:30 yesterday are in tow. Some slightly worse for wear. As the Blue Ridge Parkway always does, she has claimed her share of casualties. Among this year's injury list are: an Achilles Tendon, an enraged piriformis and sciatic nerve, an exertional anterior compartment syndrome and numerous toenails. This does not include the dozens of sore IT Bands, Gastrocs, and Hamstrings.

But at the end of it, we have met the challenge of the R4R. Many runners overcame physical and mental challenges beyond what they could have ever imagined. That is the beauty of this event. Everyone can be proud of their accomplishments.

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