Friday, October 12, 2012

Leg 3: Bitter Sweet

As we stood on the edge of the road we saw that it was slightly starting to get brighter out.  We tagged hands with group 2 and started off down hill with a cheerful attitude and fresh legs.  I was reminded to take it all in and enjoy the view and the experience.  This made Kelly look like a true upperclassman with her wisdom.  Not far into the run we got to a bridge with a man taking pictures.  Kelly told me turn around only for me to see one of the prettiest sunrises i have seen yet.  I knew that no matter how difficult this run was going to be, it was well worth it.  Continuing down the road i saw colorful leaves all around me.  I felt almost like I was back in New Hampshire.  Not only was the scenery familiar, but I also had my old sweatshirt on from middle school.   I began to think about the good days when I first started running. Then all of the fun and good memories went away when I saw the sign for grandfather mountain and started my assent up the terrible hill.   -Andrew Godinez 

Starting our first leg this morning, the sun was still ascending as Andrew and I were stretching to begin our run. At the first sight of sunlight we were joyful. I knew that amazing scenery was to be expected. Throughout the 5 miles not even words could describe our views. The sunrise, the mountains, and the fall leaves. Although I had previously taken into account as to how hard the run was going to be, I didn't realize how much I already relied on my running partner. I am sincerely excited about our next four legs! -Kelly Hoots

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  1. Keep your thoughts on the beauty of the mountains and all the good memories they invoke; the long inclines will be less noticeable!!!???