Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leg 21: Blue Lights Ahead

Leg 21 began with a pleasant little slow incline that lasted two miles. It was the kind of gradual hill that was tailor-made for the Queens of the Gradual Incline. Fortunately, it was dark enough that we could not see the hill spilling out in front of us. The only clue we had that we were running uphill was familiar burning sensation in our quads.

Then suddenly as mile two gave way to mile three, we realized we were lengthening our strides....a sure sign of having found some downhill terrain. Our excitement was short lived, however, as mile four greeted us with another gradual incline and the site of flashing blue lights!

Kelly had been pulled over (not really pulled over because she was already stopped) by the po-po. There was Jill frantically running Kelly's purse to her!

Fortunately for us and the R4R, the officer said we just needed to be careful and that we were welcome to continue our trek. Which was good news since Dan and I had already cruised right past the officer and continued our run.

Mile five was a glorious downhill and we cruised to the finish in 2012's first sub-40 leg. Some sleep and a downhill leg 28 are in our immediate future.

~Jay and Dan~

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