Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leg 28: Take It Easy?

Maybe it was because it was our fourth leg of the R4R, maybe it was because it was 4:15 AM, maybe Jon Mitzel lied to us, hell, maybe it is Zane Oliver's fault! Whatever the case, leg 28 of the 2012 R4R proved to be "not so easy".

The run began with a half mile gentle climb, followed by the day's. most wonderful downhill. Then, just as we were settling into a fast pace, a long, slow incline in excess of one mile in length greeted us. This uphill, coupled with the low oxygen pressures at 5,600 feet lead to some serious sucking-wind.

Thankfully, the last mile was almost completely downhill. Both Jay and Dan hit their pre-run goal times of 36 and 45 minutes, respectively. Leg four is finished, twenty miles in the books. All is forgiven Mitzel Inc. and Mr. Oliver. Our last run is on home turf. See everyone at WCU!!!!!!

~Jay and Dan~

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