Friday, October 12, 2012

Leg 1: The Stampede Begins

Crouched at the starting line, the marshall brothers prepared to begin the buffalo's triumphant stampede back to our beloved home of Cullowhee. It was a dark, windy, and briskly cold morning, but the marshall brothers weren't phased. They were prepared, cool, calm and collected. Completely in the zone. Starting out, running past the rock, and on the footsteps of mountaineers, felt amazing. Wind in their hair, and smooth sailing before them. Within minutes, on the outskirts of Boone, darkness set it. The brothers marshall were faced with a tremendous challenge before them... Near absolute darkness, and the threat of on-comers, unaware of the stampede before them. Within the first uphill grade of the illustrious trot that the marshall brothers had paced themselves at, they were not winded in the slightest... But took in the beautiful sight of a starlit night. With a flash of downhill and the cheers of the team, they made it, safe and sound... The buffalo are on the move, ready to take on the parkway yet again.

Be a buffalo.

The brothers, John and Aaron Marshall

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