Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leg #19: The HitchHiker

So my name is Clark and I got to run by myself at dark:thirty tonight. Unfortunately my friend Elena is having some issues and decided to run with us. The other unfortunate part is I didn't get to run with Brooke and Elena because I wanted to keep the pace up. 
While on my run I felt like I was flying down the road. I got to one point and saw a creepy hiker guy in the same side of the road as me. I quickly sprinted to the other side of the road to go past him. The vans said they were gonna be at every mile marker for me but I only got to see them at the 1st mile  marker and after that it was all me. I had to jump off of the road a few times because Jay said it was better for us to hop off the road when cars are coming at us rather than hope they move over to not hit us. It was really hard for me to see the mile markers as I was going but I came around a corner and saw lights and knew I was almost done. As I approached the finish I looked down at my watch and saw a time of 36:21. I was so excited because it is a new personal record! I'm now trying to cool down in the van with Matt really close to me after his sweaty run. Oh well! 

So Elena and I (Brooke) were moving along and had no problem till cars started slowing down asking us if we were okay. We said yes hoping they would drive away. All of them did but one. This car goes up maybe half of a mile and pulls off to a side road and sits there. It sounded like the car doors shut as if someone got out and then the car pulled away. So we were like freaked out to pass by, but we did and thankfully nothing happened. Then maybe a mile after that a creepy hiker approaches us with no lights and we about had a heartattack. He had long grey hair and we weren't too sure what to do so we ran little faster past him and didn't look back. Then from there every car we saw pulled off the side of the road we prayed that we were done. That failed like 5 times. So when we were almost done there was fireworks and we took that as a victory for us one finishing and two not dying. All we can say is two more to go...

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