Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leg 17: Muricale Run

Jay lies. After scoping out a so called "brutal" run, it ended up being a pleasant downhill glide. 

The smell of rubber was high in the air as Whittney came bolting out of the starting gates. After nearly losing her phone to the mountains, Whittney recovered gracefully with no casualties.

Kelcey took the lead at the 2 mile marker and raced on the last 3 miles. This was a record breaking run for the entire group, as well as individual times! 

Ruby was deemed the real M.V.B. (Most valuable Boose)!!  Jess is hurting pretty badly with her hip flexors and adductors. Hopefully she can make a recovery for our next run around 11:30pm. Certified Athletic Trainers are on it! 

A big win for Team Boose of the Caboose!! 

Kelcey Holcomb, Whittney Correll, Jess Thiry, Ruby Floyd

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