Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leg 7: S.O.B. (shortness of breath)

For Aaron and Luke, the run didn't prove to be too impossible, but for me (Elena), it was pretty much the worst run ever. First half of the run, I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad I had to run off into the woods somewhere. While I was in the woods, I walked into someone else's poop.... Great. After venturing my way out of the woods, I found Luke looking for me. Then started the 2 mile incline that just kept getting worse and worse. Aaron ran on ahead to tag on the next people and Luke stayed with me who was practically dying. When we say shortness of breath, we mean it. I. Couldn't. Breathe. It was a little scary. But we worked as a team: Aaron ran up ahead to keep our time down and Luke stayed with me to make sure I didn't die.  Let's go Purp Sqaud!!

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